‘A holistic [həʊˈlɪstɪk;hɒˈl-] & Fugacious’

Kirsty Sim is a Korean artist currently based in London. Her work is dealing with aspects of reality and fantasy. She works with across the arts and fashion sector. Her work is Featured in Harper's Bazaar UK, Refinery29, Nylon and other publications.


b. 1990, Seoul, South Korea

01-03.2022 OOF gallery residency, London
03.2021 Circa residency, London
2021  M.A photography at Royal College of Art, London, UK
2020 Selected Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2020
2019  Art & Design Graduate diploma at Royal College of Art, London, UK
2013  B.A in Industrial Design, Korea Polytechnic University. South Korea

Exhibitions & Publications

2022 ‘Assemble’ group exhibition, V.O Studios, London
2021 LONDON GRADS NOW 21, Saatchi Gallery, London
2021 ‘After The High Tide’ group exhibition, Cromwell Place, London
2021 Another world is possible, Digital group exhibition
2021 Bloomberg new contemporaries 2020 exhibition, South London Gallery, UK
2020 The BNC 2020, Digital platform
2019 ‘Missed connections’ group exhibition, New York, US
2019 ‘OTP shop’ group exhibition, London, UK

2021  After The High Tide, Folium Publishing
2021 PROTOZOA collective
2020  Cyberstock, Digital zine

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