A holistic [həʊˈlɪstɪk;hɒˈl-] &

“A photograph is an unrealistic story using something that exists in reality that does not already have the value and objectivity of its own accord.”

The work of Kirsty Sim is dealing with aspects of reality and fantasy, which have had a profound impact on contemporary culture. She doesn’t think it is right to give directives or answers through her work. She hopes to prevent them from losing their humanity to this new mode of relating.

Kirsty Sim is a London based artist. Currently graduated MA Photography (fine art) at the Royal College of Art in London. 

She has a BA degree in industrial design at Korean Polytechnic University. This meant she engaged with design work that mainly aligned itself with current trends and the requirements of the public. Since then, she has been working as a street fashion photographer with many Fashion and Art Magazines.


b. 1990, Seoul, South Korea
2021  M.A photography at Royal College of Art, London, UK
2019  Art & Design Graduate diploma at Royal College of Art, London, UK
2013  B.A in Industrial Design, Korea Polytechnic University. South Korea

Exhibitions & Publications
2021 After The High Tide, Cromwell Place, London
2021 Another world is possible, Digital group exhibition
2021 Bloomberg new contemporaries 2020 exhibition, South London Gallery, UK
2020 The BNC2020 Digital platform
2020 Selected Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2020
2019 ‘Missed connections’ group exhibition, New York, US
2019 ‘OTP shop’ group exhibition, London, UK

2021  After The High Tide, Folium Publishing
2021 PROTOZOA collective 
2020  Cyberstock, Digital zine

Copyright© 2020 by Kirsty Sim.
All pictures cannot be copied without permission.