In the past I assumed I did not want to follow the expectations and roles prescribed by society. I have come to wonder about the existence and identity of lost beauty through daily interactions with people who rely on Photoshop and plastic surgery for self worth. Personally, I cannot avoid the effects of a highly influential and the all-pervasive media, which has turned us into cyborgs. Our thoughts are programmed and people establish relationships through digital networks. People are always striving to acquire and adapt to the face that society values. Their pursuit of the ideal face is almost obsessive; however, the collective nature of this pursuit, in the form of minor and major surgical undertakings, is viewed as a sign of “solidarity.” Since childhood, many people's appearance has been transformed by the influence of the people and media around them. It was even harder to define what real beauty is in a society that has morphed itself into a kind of play, even with physical appearances.