Navigator project. 2018. 3min with Lexie Li (

Focused on the relationships and connections between people. When first taking the Tube together, it was very interested in the empty seat situation; people riding the Tube leaving an empty seat between each other and looking down at their phones. We stay in the comfort zone of ourselves.And although there are more and more high-tech there for people’s connection, the phone become an excuse on the tube to avoid the eye contact, which is really ironic.

We discovered that the people in this city, having gathered from many different countries, respect each others’ relationships and cultures, but simultaneously separate from each other. Although people create and uphold relationships via online networks, they also feel more lonely.

Until now, I experienced the term ‘multiple personality’ in a negative way. It was an opportunity to rediscover our “real” appearance, which was defined only as a single personality. We, who manage our personalities according to circumstances, were able to discover a new self through that time. Our final outcome took shape in two types of video production. It was inspired by Baker Street, which has the most platforms of any Tube station in London. Lexie’s work was based on painting and I mainly worked with digital processes. We were able to synergize through this collaboration, in order to improve not only the quantity, but also the quality of the work. It was difficult at the beginning to understand how to interpret the situation approaching us. However, we showed that different eyes can gather and form a new ego. We discovered that we can create a new existence for ourselves and how connected and separated we can be in our relationships.